Our Famous Wraps

Served on traditional or SAJ bread with your choice of toppings and sauces

Make it a combo for an additional

Your choice of Fries, onion rings or roasted potatoes & a bottled popp
Chicken Shawarma 7.99
Beef Shawarma 8.85
Chicken Shawarma Bites 9.99
Mixed Shawarma (Chicken & Beef) 8.99
Chicken Souvlaki/Tawook 8.39
Lamb Shawarma 9.29
Kafta Kabab 8.49
Beef Kabab 8.99
Falafel 6.64

Rice Bowls

Served on a bed of rice and topped with garlic, tahini and hot Sauce

Make it a rice bowl supreme for an additional

Add 4 veggies (Lettuce. tomatoes, onions, pickles, turnips, cabbage)
Chicken Shawarma 10.99
Beef Shawarma 11.99
Beef Gyro 10.99
Mixed Shawarma (Chicken & Beef) 11.99
Chicken Souvlaki/Tawook 11.99
Lamb Shawarma 13.49
Kafta Kabab 11.49
Beef Shish Kabab 11.99
Falafel 9.99


Served on a bed of rice and your choice of side (salad, fries, potatoes) & topped with garlic, tahini & hot sauce

Add a Bottled drink to compliment your meal for only

(Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Coke Zero, Canada Dry, Orange Fanta, Fresca)
Chicken Shawarma 15.49
Beef Shawarma 16.49
Beef Gyro 15.99
Beef Shish Kabab 16.49
Mixed Shawarma (Chicken & Beef) 16.99
Chicken Souvlaki/Tawook 15.99
Lamb Shawarma 16.99
Kafta Kabab 15.99
Falafel 12.99

Freshly Made Salads

Fresh Veggies with homemade dressing

Add meat to your salad for an additional

(Chicken, Beef, Gyro)
Fatoush Salad 6.49
Tabbouli 6.49
Caeser Salad 6.49
Greek Salad 6.49

Babaz Burgers

Served on a sesame bun with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup and mayo. Cheese Extra

Make it a combo for an additional

Your choice of fries, onion rings or roasted potatoes & a bottled pop
Beef Burger 7.29
Cheeseburger 7.79
Double Burger 8.99
Double Cheeseburger 9.99
Chicken Burger 6.59
Fish Fillet Burger 6.99

Side Orders

Wide Selection to compliment you meal

Wide selection to choose from

Falafel 6 Pieces 4.99
Chicken Tender & Fries 7.99
French Fries 4.79
Poutine 8.25
Rice 4.79
Sweet Potato Fries 5.99
Onion Rings 5.49
Hummus with Pita 5.99
Hummus with Beef Shawarma 9.99
Roasted Potatoes 4.99
Cheese Pie 6.99
Spinach Pie 6.99
Lentil Soup 4.99
Gravy 1.49